If you’re like me, you dread having to think about what else to put into your child’s lunchbox that’s good for them and that they’ll actually eat. So that’s why having a jar of Zacusca of any kind in the pantry can really prove to be a lifesaver. A few dollops into a bento box, alongside a few crackers and bits of cheese and ham would make for a nutritious kid friendly lunch and I guarantee you that your child will keep asking for the same delicious lunchbox every day of the week!


✅ 1 serve (about 50g) lean smoked leg ham

✅ 1 serve (about 25g) colby cheese sliced

✅ 1 serve crackers (about 25g)

✅ 30g of Zacusca – any flavour that your child prefers

✅ 1 serve of mixed fruit that your child likes


How to make it

Place the crackers, cheese and ham in the larger compartment of your bento box. Add the Zacusca into one of the smaller compartments so it doesn’t make the rest of your ingredients soggy. Add the fruit into the last compartment and there you have it! A perfectly balanced lunchbox, that is waste free and full of colour, flavour and nutrition from each one of the 5 food groups and your little one will love.


❗ HINT ❗ For a vegetarian option, swap the ham for plant based nuggets and for a vegan option use your favourite vegan cheese instead.


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