Monday nights are vegetarian nights in our house. And what better way to add more flavour to our dishes than with a good dollop of Zacusca Beetroot.

These fritters will satisfy even the pickiest eaters with the saltiness of the halloumi and the sweetness of the sweet potato. A great recipe that will surely become a go-to in your household as well.


So here it goes:


✅ 2 medium sweet potatoes grated

✅ 4 tbsps Zacusca Beetroot

✅ 200g halloumi cheese shredded

✅ 3/4 cup gluten free plain flour

✅ 1/4 cup corn flour

✅ 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

✅ 1 spring onion diced

✅ black pepper to taste

✅ 1 butter lettuce head

✅ 3 free range eggs

✅ small handful of parsley


How to cook it

Start off by peeling the sweet potatoes and grating them. Place them in a large bowl and combine them with the eggs, the flours, halloumi, spring onions and pepper.
Heat up a large pan or griddle and heat up 1 tbsp of olive oil. Using a tablespoon pour the fritters one by one into the pan without overcrowding it, depending on the size of your pan, about 4 at a time. If the batter is too runny, you can add a little more corn flour. This will help keeping them together. Cook the fritters on each side for about 1.30 minutes until golden brown. If they absorb too much of the oil, use the remaining tbsp of oil to prevent them from sticking.

Place a handful of lettuce leaves into a serving bowl, add a stack of 4 fritters and top with a good dollop of Zacusca Beetroot and parsley. So nutritious and deliciously satisfying!


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