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Zacusca by Romanian Delights

We are a young family of four living in the beautiful Central West of New South Wales. Romanian Delights is the brainchild of our family. After migrating to Australia, we wanted to share our cultural heritage and favourite spread with our local community.

Passionate about Romanian cuisine, and the authenticity of our recipes, we bring you classic and proven recipes of our national spread – Zacusca!

Romania couldn’t keep it secret forever!

What They Say About Us

Gone in 24 Hours!

We bought our first jar of Zacusca yesterday and in 24 hours it’s gone. It was so delicious we put it on everything. A great way to add extra flavour and vegetables to every meal without preservatives. We will definitely be going back for more!

Rebecca Betz

Delicious, Healthy & Versatile

Alina’s Zacusca is absolutely delicious, healthy and versatile. We use it every day on sandwiches, in cooking, as a dip, as a condiment, in baby food, and I admit we even just scoop it out of the jar on a spoon A yummy way to eat your vegetables!

Lana Bush

OMG the Eggplant is Amazing!

OMG, the eggplant (vegetable spread) is amazing! Will definitely be getting it again… still have another couple to try and I just can’t wait for them too.

Pamela Emms

Frequently Asked Questions

So delicious and too good to keep secret any longer – Zacusca is a Romanian creation of roasted red peppers, eggplant, onion, and tomato. It’s Romanian for ‘snack’, but perfect at the dinner table as a relish or side dish, in a summer salad, or BBQ. Available in four tempting flavours – Eggplant, Chilli, Beetroot, and Mushroom.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca keto friendly?2024-01-17T11:37:24+11:00

Yes, Romanian Delights Zacusca is very low in carbs making it suitable for people following a low-carb keto diet.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca paleo compliant?2024-01-17T11:37:09+11:00

Yes, Romanian Delights Zacusca is paleo compliant.

Does Romanian Delights Zacusca have soy?2024-01-17T11:36:39+11:00

No, none of our Zacusca flavours have soy.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca suitable for diabetics?2024-01-17T11:36:23+11:00

Yes, our Zacusca has no sugar added and is very low in carbohydrates making it a perfect alternative for people with diabetes.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca suitable for a caeliac diet?2024-01-17T11:35:26+11:00

Yes. Our Zacusca is naturally gluten free.

Does Romanian Delights Zacusca have nuts?2024-01-17T11:35:12+11:00

No, none of our Zacusca flavours have nuts.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca suitable for vegetarians and vegans?2024-01-17T11:34:56+11:00

Yes, Romanian Delights Zacusca is the healthiest vegan spread in Australia.

Do you deliver Australia – wide?2024-01-17T11:33:45+11:00

We sure do! Place your order and your delicious delivery will land at your door!

How should we eat it?2024-01-17T11:33:29+11:00

One of the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly salsas you will ever taste, it’s a bit smokey, spicy, creamy, tangy & sweet. Perfect with rustic bread, as a relish, antipasto, pasta sauce, pizza base, or a topping for baked potatoes – just so versatile.

Is Romanian Delights Zacusca suitable for FODMAP diet?2024-01-23T13:40:03+11:00

No, some of our Zacusca flavours contain vegetables not suitable on a FODMAP diet.

How should we store our jars?2024-01-25T10:30:53+11:00

The jars can be kept at ambient temperature, however once opened they need to be refrigerated.


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