vegetarian pizza with zacusca beetroot

Are your kids craving pizza all the time? So do ours, but instead of filling them up with store bought pizzas full of nasties, we’ve come up with a healthy version packed full of veggies that they actually enjoy. The natural sweetness of the beetroot, butternut pumpkin and sweet corn in our Zacusca Beetroot will satisfy that sweet little tooth and they’ll be sure to ask for seconds.


✅ 1 large pizza base, preferably wholegrain

✅ 1 good dollop of Zacusca Beetroot

✅ 1 small cubed sweet potato or butternut pumpkin

✅ 2 baby beetroots cubed

✅ 150g halloumi cheese

✅ 100g sliced kalamata olives

✅ a few fresh rocket leaves to garnish

How to cook it

Preheat oven to 220 degrees conventional or 200 degrees fan forced. While it’s heating up, line a pizza tray with baking paper and place your pizza base on it.

Using a spoon, spread a good dollop of Zacusca Beetroot all over the base. Scatter the cubed sweet potato or butternut pumpkin, the baby beetroots and the kalamata olives in an even layer. Top with cut up halloumi cheese and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Garnish with fresh rocket leaves, slice and serve.

❗ HINT ❗ For a vegan version, swap the halloumi cheese with vegan cheddar or your favourite vegan cheese.

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